Hotel Brokers International Certified Commercial Investment Member

Selling or Buying?


Although the hotel industry has become an increasingly global business, the more successful transactions occur based on extensive knowledge of local markets.  Huff, Niehaus & Associates' indepth expertise clearly differentiates itself  from any other Broker.  In fact, very few brokers specialize in hotel real estate due to its complexity and unique requirements.  A highly trained HBI broker specialist who can play a pivotal role in a successful, negotiated sale from pre-listing to post-closing.


Success and Longevity:  Brandt was awarded the top HBI 2017 and 2014 Broker of the Year and Regional Broker eleven out of the last fifteen years.  In the US alone, HBI accounts for more than half of all hotel real estate sales annually and is the industry's oldest hotel real estate organization.  You get the best of both organizations when you choose Brandt as your Broker.


Market Breadth:  Brandt Niehaus is a Hotel brokerage leader, from the economy through the upper mid-market segments. As a member of HBI, he can access their vast and continuous changing inventory of exclusive listings.  On any given day, buyers can instantaneously obtain detailed information about more then 300 hotels for sale, ranging from economy properties to urban convention center hotels.  


Integrity and Ethics:  Brandt Niehaus adheres to the highest canons of ethical standards in hotel real estate investment.


Training and Certification:  Brandt Niehaus is a Certified Hotel Broker which is the industry's only professional hotel brokerage designation.


Research and Data Resources:  With access to comprehensive sales databases, Brandt can produce extensive research and opinions about industry trends.


Here is what the Broker from Huff, Niehaus & Associates can do for you:

  • Identify the best market opportunities.

  • Access the industry's largest hotel inventory.

  • Find you the "right" hotel.

  • Provide appraisal services by providing Broker Opinions of Value.

  • Provide expert testimony during litigation or arbitration.

  • Navigate complex transactions.

  • Provide advice and consulting services.

  • Offer complete and/or internediate-term asset management to upgrade owner revenue, profit and real estate value, for institutional, other lender/owners and court appointed receivership situations.

  • Help locate financing.

  • Close the sale rapidly.

Every effort has been made to provide accurate information for all property listings and it is believed this information is reliable. However, we are not responsible for misstatements of facts, errors, omissions, prior sale, change of price, or withdraw from the market without notice.