Hotel Brokers International Certified Commercial Investment Member

"Brandt is an experienced hotel broker who sold two hotels for us. He is a thoughtful and knowledgeable professional who brings a high degree of integrity to his work. We enjoyed our association with him and would not hesitate to recommend him to any hotel owner looking to sell a property."


Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Teresa Matsui Sanders
President and Founder of Innworks
and Secretary/Treasurer & Founder at The USA Group/USAssets



"I’ve worked off and on with Brandt as a top resource on hotel real estate for nearly 20 years. Whenever I need a source in the Midwest to comment knowledgeably on hotel real estate, he has become my go-to guy. He knows the markets, he has the data to back up his opinions and he is always right on target. His integrity is evident in that he’s turned down several major interviews when he did not feel that he had something of value to add. He’s always been straightforward…not to mention a good guy to work with.”


Jerry Daly, President

Daly Gray Public Relations


"Brandt has high integrity, honesty, and is very trustworthy.  We have used him on three hotel sales.  In all cases, he has treated us with respect, looked out for what was in our best interests, and worked to get the sale done.  Brandt's values are very much in line with our Companies.  We have enjoyed working with him.  We continue to keep in touch and consider him a friend.  


I highly recommend him.  He seems to be in touch with what is happening, not only in hotel real estate but the industry in general."  


Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 1995 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Jeffery Brown, CEO

Schahet Hotels


“I've known Brandt for many years. We employed him to sell three of our hotel properties.. Brandt was able to find qualified buyers and we sold these properties at a price equal or more than we requested. Throughout the process he was the consummate professional. I recommend him highly.”


Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Expert


Chip Miles, President

Skyline Hospitality



“It has been a pleasant and very professional experience working with you and your team.  You have done well by all of us.”


Wilbert F. Schwartz
Former Owner, Sheraton Cincinnati North



It was a pleasure working with Huff, Niehaus & Associates, Inc.  If we had more motels to sell, we would be using their professional and honest services again.”


Bill Cull
Economy Hotels, LLC



“It was a pleasure working with Huff, Niehaus & Associates, Inc.  We have bought and sold properties through them and plan to sell more using them.  We appreciate their professional and honest services.”


Sam Patel
Chester Hospitality, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky

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